Top 10 Wedding Movie Favorites

OK, Here we go. My Top 10 Favorite Wedding-themed movies. It is very interesting I think that many movies, at least love stories with happy endings end in a wedding. A sort of long time cultural institution of a love story happy ending. They meet each other, struggle along the way and end up together at the end, not just dating or hanging out but the true love, grow old together, life-time commitment that is symbolized with a wedding scene. By the way, while on the wedding theme, a little shameless shoutout – if you are in and around the Southern California area and are looking for a great wedding photographer, check out my friends at Aliso Viejo Wedding Photography.. They’ll hook you up!

And, I’m back…Originally, I was going to do a whole top 10 starting with #10 and working up to the big reveal of #1. I may go that way again later but in this case we are going for the unordered list and let you sort according to preference. Quite honestly I am sure that there are lots of great wedding-themed movies so I will probably do one or more follow-on posts but here is, I think a good starting top-10 list.

Wedding Crashers (2005)

Wedding Crashers starts with a wedding and ends with a wedding. I really like Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson! (They teamed up again in The Internship (2013) I like this one too!) Anyway, I remember first seeing this movie in the theaters. Vince and Owen are sort of scam artist buddies who have mastered the art of crashing weddings to hook up in the perfect romantic party setting. One of the buddies gets smitten

My Big Fat Greek Wedding (2002)

Pretty fun movie with some great scenes and great lines. This is a movie that I probably saw when it first came out and maybe once after that so my memory is a little hazy. If I reach for it, I can picture scenes but I still remember it as a great wedding movie. Sweet and Funny and very interesting and repeated since exploration of marrying in to a family with rich cultural traditions with young lovers from different backgrounds and how it all gets navigated with the families. I just added this to my Watch List so I can watch it again. Pretty sure this will make top Wedding Movie lists for years to come.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)

I really like this movie. I am definitely a Julie Roberts fan and this one is just fun all around. The gist of the story line is a his and her best friend set who kind of says, ok, if we are not married by the time we are 30 or something we will get married and just before the magic age, he lets her know that he is engaged and wants his best girl buddy to be a part of the wedding and she decides that she is in love with him and wants to be the one he marries so the competition begins and the movie ensues.

The Hangover (2009)

Likely the most crass of my picks and certainly not really about the love story between the to-be bride and groom but a twisted story of the groom and grooms-men on the craziest bachelor party vegas throw-down ever! If for whatever reason you have not seen it yet and you can handle a little naughty humor you should at worst, have the experience and at best, a laugh aloud romp which of course is always good for whatever ails.

Runaway Bride (1999)

Another Julia Roberts favorite as the would be bride who gets cold feet and flees the wedding day scene and the love story of finding her way from fear of the commitment to finding the right guy and of course making it to the alter (Hope that was not too much of a spoiler.. My apologies if I did not give enough of an alert prior..)

I love you, Man (2009)

Pretty fun buddy movie with Paul Rudd and Jason Segel. Paul Rudd is the nice boy next store who is engaged to be married but does not really have any guy friends.. Enter Jason Segel as the alter-ego, sort of bad influence buddy… The movie takes on the boy meets girl, loses girl and gets her back at the end sort of story but also adds the parallel boy meets new best friend, loses friend and it all comes good at the end of course with the Wedding.

Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994)

Now, Hugh Grant finds his way in to a lot of my favorite Rom-Coms including Notting Hill, and Love Actually. This is another one that I may replace at some point. I will re-watch and decide but for now, it made my Top 10 list because I remember liking it. Hugh Grant is quintessential English charm and Andie MacDowell plays the American love interest. Once again, the meet at someone else’s wedding at the beginning of the movie and find their way to their own by the end with all of the fun hijinks and emotional twists and turns along the way.

The Princess Bride (1987)

The oldest movie on my list and one of my all time favorite movies in general. At first you might not think of this as a wedding movie per se… but it does have the word ‘Bride’ in the title so it figured in to the writer’s thinking as far as either a way of summing up an important theme or conjuring a particular image that was relevant to the story line.

Sweet Home Alabama (2002)

Taking on the Lynyrd Skynyrd classic song title, Sweet Home Alabama is on one hand a pretty traditional Rom-Com but I think this one has a southern charm that makes it stand out for me. Solid performances from the entire cast, just a well-written, well acted feel good story that I would be remiss not to add to my worth seeing romantic Wedding based movies.

In & Out (1997)

Directed by Frank Oz, known for his amazing voice work as Star Wars’ Yoda and most of the Muppets, In & Out stars Kevin Kline as a beloved literature professor in a small town who is engaged to be married. A former student, who is accepting an Academy award for his portrayl of a gay man coming out, cites his old professor as an inspiration as a great gay man. This live televised broadcast starts the rumors as Kevin Kline’s character has to deal with his fiancé’s, the schools and town reactions as well as his own questions about his sexuality. Fun, feel good movie with a good Happy Ever After.

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