Browse Month: December 2015

Top 10 Wedding Movie Favorites

OK, Here we go. My Top 10 Favorite Wedding-themed movies. It is very interesting I think that many┬ámovies, at least love stories with happy endings end in a wedding. A sort of long time cultural institution of a love story happy ending. They meet each other, struggle along the way and end up together at the end, not just dating or hanging out but the true love, grow old together, life-time commitment that is symbolized with a wedding scene. By the way, while on the wedding theme, a little shameless shoutout – if you are in and around the Southern California area and are looking for a great wedding photographer, check out my friends at Aliso Viejo Wedding Photography.. They’ll hook you up!

And, I’m back…Originally, I was going to do a whole top 10 starting with #10 and working up to the big reveal of #1. I may go that way again later but in this case we are going for the unordered list and let you sort according to preference. Quite honestly I am sure that there are lots of great wedding-themed movies so I will probably do one or more follow-on posts but here is, I think a good starting top-10 list.

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