Last Weekend Movie Report

Last weekend I saw 2 movies – one in the theater, one at home.. Theater choice was The Hunger Games, Mocking Jay Part 2. Not super impressed.. pretty predictable.. I guess I really just didn’t care that much by the end… There was one pretty cool underground action-thriller scene!! So, there wast that.

I liked the first two movies in the series the best. Did not love the first movie when I saw it in the theater – Was not expecting the dark edge and kids killing each other as I had not read the book. Enjoyed it much more the second and or third time seeing the movie and was able to appreciate more of the created dystopian world and the introduction of the characters and good performances by a very talented ensemble cast. The “Games” part of the second movie with more competitor character development, the introduction of Philip Seymour Hoffman and the revolutionary plotting was interesting and satisfying. The third movie was just dark and not very fun… accepted it, much like Part 1 of the last Harry Potter book, figuring that it might resolve out in a great way in the last movie, which I felt was definitely accomplished in the Harry Potter franchise. Oh well…

My Amazon home choice was better. Saw Dear White People. Pretty fresh…exploring the college energy world of racial politics, beliefs, habits of thinking and how a group of young characters figured out how they should or would like to think, feel and behave within the cultural milieu. Specifically Black/White focused, I thought it was a well-written, competently acted film that looked at how young adults in a mixed racial community experience deal with both historically inherited and current experiences of racial identity, and inter-racial life.

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