Can’t get away from Movies

Just a quick note as I begin moving down the road of this site! Starting as a blog and we will see where it goes. It is kind of amazing how many movies are made and how many we all have seen. I guess I have read a lot of books but I am pretty sure that I have seen way more movies in my lifetime.

There are some movies that I am not satisfied with and lots more that I will probably never watch but there are also some amazing movies that have touched, inspired, motivated me and others and what an amazing thing that we have so many opportunities to see so many movies!

What a fascinating art form. Writers create characters and stories and then such a huge investment of money, time, resources, talent, skills, professions, etc… that are brought in to create the magic and bring the storytellers’ vision to reality!

And then, there are those of us who are not involved in the making of the magic but are enthralled by it, support and fund it and invest so much of our time and money in participating as a viewer, discusser, blogger, etc… What a crazy phenomenal process that so many of us are involved with.

I am still working out what exactly my plans are for this site but I am excited for how it will evolve. I will probably pick themes and explore them within different movie portrayals but that is one of the amazing things about movies.. there is so much to talk about. Hope you enjoy this site as it unfolds and evolves.

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